When a Mere Picture is NOT Worth a Thousand Words, Animate: VideoScribe Review


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VideoScribe ReviewSome things are better said and done…especially when they are told with animation.

In the corporate world, being able to formulate the most effective and engaging presentation may define the direction of one’s career. Presenting before the very eyes of clients and bosses could be a nerve wracking experience that can either make or break a deal.

Fortunately, overwhelming leaps in technology have paved for multitude of possibilities that can aid individuals in elevating the quality of their works. Sparkol, one of the app developers that are gaining high reverence from smartphone user community, has recently introduced an interactive iPad application that can give a whole lot of fun in any presentation.

VideoScribe.tv is currently meeting great demands from users. Aside from its capabilities of producing animated contents, its output carries a promise of professionalism and appeal. It is compatible with several device of Apple Macintosh such as iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPod Touch (3rd and 4th generation).

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Delivering Cutting Edge Visual Materials

VideoScribe ReviewIt is of no contest that no other presentation tools can be quite as interesting as VideoScribe.tv. It includes different drawing effects that can turn hand drawings to life. This could be handy for savvy presenters who couldn’t be satisfied with downloadable .gif images. The app allows them to customize or make their own animation tailored for their needs.

But what probably sets this app apart is the plethora of contents that can enhance the output of the users. The app comes with a large library that houses over a hundred of images that can be used for animation. This gives utmost convenience to those who are not really skilled in doing sketches. The pre-designed images can be used together to form one lively animation, or can be used as a base of a drawing.

If the library does not contain suitable images, users may opt to go online and download several clip arts that can be stored in the app. And yes, even photographs can do.

Sound bites may also be included in the animation. The library also stores wide array of audio effects and background music to have accompaniment to a lively animation. Similar to the flexibility promised in the visual department, users may also use downloaded music apart from those that can be utilized from the library.

Does all these features create a hullaballoo in the interface of Videoscribe.tv? No. That is what’s amazing about it.

The app is highly user-friendly with the interface kept as clutter-free as possible. It is impressively very manageable. It is not too difficult to navigate through its different functions. It can actually make Photoshop appear like rocket science when this app is placed next to it.

Everything is kept straightforward – from the creation of images to the editing of the material. There is a voluminous number of features, true. But even the adjustment of camera angles to the application of colors and effects is guaranteed easy to learn.

Non tech junkies may easily find manuals and self-help tips from the Internet to help them get by. With this app selling only for $1.99 in App Stores, no one can afford to miss it.

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Uses of VideoScribe.tv

Sparkol ReviewUsers have actually been smart to find wide breath of applications for the app. Aside from impressive office presentations, VideoScribe.tv can obviously be used also for entertainment.

Parents, baby sitters, and other professionals in child care business may utilize the app for capturing the attention of kids. It may just be the ultimate saving grace of those who cannot find a way out of a child’s tantrums or mood swings.
In fact, there are many child-care industries who recommend this app to their employees.

In the same vein, the app may also be used in the sector of education. It can hype up the kids to learn about complex topics in science. Teachers have been using Videoscribe.tv to explain the process of metamorphosis, cell division, volcanic eruptions, and other fields that usually don’t capture the attention of students. One can say this is a new era of visual learning.

Experts are yet to find the usefulness of this tool in child psychology. But even with the absence of concrete findings, no study is necessary to prove how remarkable VideoSribe.tv is.

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